North Seattle Rod Repair


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I broke a guide on my XP 697-4 while fishing tonight.
I don't build rods, but I was hoping to find a member in North Seattle that could repair this for me.
I'd prefer not to have it out of action for very long, which is why I'd rather go this route then ship it to Sage.
This rod has been hammered but has a lot of good fishing karma. I'm really not concerned if the thread wraps don't match exactly.
The guide that broke is the first guide below the tip-top.

I have another 697-4 but I always like to have two with me when I fish just for these reasons.
I'd gladly compensate someone for their time with cash, beer, vino etc.
Please drop me a pm if you can help me out.

Check out Greg's custom tackle in Lake Stevens, bet somebody there could do it for you. I could fix it but I'm in south of Seattle...Burien.


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Perhaps not exactly what you're looking for, but I've had Bill Z. at do repairs and recently built up a custom rod for me. Great guy to work with, very well qualified, and reasonable pricing. He's in Redmond, but can often meet up closer in for pick up/drop off.


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Contact Dov Young, he's started his own company and has all of the equipment to fix it up. I'll pm you his number if you want. He's up in Everett.


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I took it to Bill Z at Snokistrods.
Very nice fellow and since he is in Redmond and I work in Kirkland, very easy drop off for me.