a question about fiberglass.....

David Loy

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Steffens are great, and I have some Epics too, but I tell you the Barclay 70P (7' 4wt 4 piece) is the most outstanding small stream rod I have ever touched. It's a semi parabolic taper, and truly casts beautifully from 5 to 35 feet. It fits in the day pack just fine. My search is over. If interested, he also has a 64P (6'4" 4 piece) that gets raves too.


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If you are hiking, you don't want a jousting lance. And, you may find shorter sticks easier to navigate brushy water.

I am thinking some of the durability mystique of fiberglass is tied to heavier, older methods; much like thinner, lighter, newer graphite is notoriously temporary. Some of those never get out of the showroom.

And, didn't Steffen just recently introduce three section rods? And, his shorter offerings seem to lose raves. My experience with old hiking bamboo is now a pricey luxury for pure mystique, and not much more.


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if you're ever in Monroe or Snohomish, i'd be happy to string up a handful of glass pack rods that i have for you to cast. i've got some old classics, a new 3wt Steffen and sweet japanese Fenwick you could try. trying a few different rods (to see what you like) may save you some time and money. PM me if you're interested.

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