Fly Tying Garage Sale and shout out to Ira


Want more time on the water
I am re-posting this from the FF forum. Some of you may have seen the postings here and in the classifieds for the Fly fishing/fly tying Garage Sale. This sale continues tomorrow the 10th of September. I stopped by on a fluke today.

Short version: This will be well worth your time. There are three (3) rooms worth of flyting materials and lure making gear. As I left this afternoon I saw at least two dozen Metz necks, a Norvise and gallon plus bags of some amazing materials. My next elk hair caddis will be tied with bighorn and stone sheep hair - amazing stuff. Never mind cartons of furs, feathers, floss, threads, wires, chenille, rubber legs and tubing.

BIG kudos to Ira for helping to set this up to help a family liquidate an estate. I did something similar a couple of years ago and it is no small task. Well done Sir.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Unfortunately I live too far away to willingly avail myself of this opportunity (and I detest Seattle traffic:eek:), but kudos to Ira - he's not shy about "paying things forward" and helping out. May he be blessed in spades with "indicators down" and Sculpin in droves . . .

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