Where To Find Western Washington Stillwater Hatch Charts?


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I am trying to learn everything I can about western WA stillwater aquatic food chain plus when the bugs in the food change hatch. Are there any hatch charts and/or books; videos specificly for western WA?

Old trout

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Taxon, This is the most comprehensive hatch chart I have seen. Thank you. How does the elevation of a lake effect the timing? Or does it?


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Hi Old trout-

Thanks for the complement. Yes, the elevation of a lake would be expected to have some impact on the timing of hatches from that lake. For example, the Chopaka Callibaetis mayfly hatches could be expected to occur perhaps a week or two later than those of a Western Washington lowland lake like Rattlesnake. A given species of insect will emerge after having absorbed the number of thermal units required for that species to develop to maturity, and the higher the elevation of the lake is, the fewer thermal units are likely to be absorbed by a given date. However, my hatch chart does attempt to take this variation into effect.


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This has been a good one for me. It’s pocket size and the pages are thicker for carrying around. He makes one for rivers too.


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Taxon, excellent hatch chart!
I also use "Pocketguide to Western Hatches" by Dave Hughes. It also has moving and still water hatch charts.

Jim M-glass guy

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I just discovered your chart tonight, and it as others have said, is INCREDIBLE. I am currently reading Bug Water by Arlen Thomason and it is certainly helpful to have such a resource in hand when reading this book. Thank you so much for creating this chart and I will certainly relish this for the indefinite future. Its incredible and you are such a modest guy. Thank you again, but I am not sure that really does justice for such an amazing resource.


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Hi Jim,

You are certainly welcome. Being able to share my interest in aquatic entomology/taxonomy with flyfishers like you has been my goal for the last 19+ years since having retired from a 35 year career in information technology.

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