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Bhudda and I drove out there wednesday. Fished upper quinalt, saw one steelie that I briefly hooked. We camped and met a few nice guys, Rich and Scott from Kirkland, and Calibaetis (Mark). Great guys, we had a good time. The 5 of us floated the Queets from the campground to Streaters without a hookup on Thursday. Bhudda and I then went and fished Kalaloch beach for surf perch.... nothing goin on there. The next day we floated the Clearwater without even seeing a fish. Tightline showed up and we went way upstream in the evening where I saw one steelie sitting on a red. No hook-ups. Packed up and headed north to the Duc on Saturday. We fished a few spots there and in the estuary. Nothing. We fished the Calawah and the Bogi also, nothing. 5 days of fishing between 5 of us produced not one fish, except the one that Calibaetis caught before we met up with him (see gallery) :beathead:
Poor fishing was quickly made up for with good times. We camped, drank, hung out, and had a great time. We saw an 800 lb. sea lion eat a steelhead 5 feet from Bhudda. We helped an old hermit pump gas, and tried to double-haul a leech into low-holing bait dunkers. There were big fires and great stories....
If you ever get a half hour and Calibaetis is around, ask him about Hoochie One, Hoochie Two, Billybob and Jethro. It is the craziest story I have ever heard.

I hate steelhead. They suck..... but I will keep trying.
I swear that report had more fish sightings than I remember ;)... fish tales.
There are no fish on the OP right now (now Buckner can post about a 20+ lb'er).... seriously. I saw one fish under a bridge on the Duc, who was banged up from spawning. That place needs water BAD... there were two dozen boats that passed throughout the course of the weekend, and I think only ONE reported catching a couple of cutties on the Bogey....and of course "I think one was pulled off the Hoh yesterday" was a standard response. Regardless it was good times with good memories. Nice meeting Calibaetis, good guy and the dudes from the eastside who we should see register soon to our fishing singles forum.;)

My weekend started Thursday evening, when on the way out to The OP, I realized around Tacoma that I had forgotten my clothes bag...I had to turn around and by the time I got home it was almost 9 oclock.... I decided to stay home and leave bright and early. I took the valuables out of the truck and headed in for the night. The next morning 5am I rolled out. I took my time getting out there, taking detours and checking stuff out...so I arrived at Coppermine bottom around 10am. I didn't recognize anything and wondered if it could be Andy and Bhudda... I figured it had to be and decided to string up and fish the area around the campground until they got back. after checking out the BEAUTIFUL water I rushed back to string up only to realize I had forgotten BOTH my rods at home. I took them out the night before so they didn't get stolen. I swear if y'all were listening close enough you would have heard my scream some nastiness. I decided right then and there I was going to to what it takes to get a rod, no matter the cost. Damn it, I was here to fish. I screamed out of the Clearwater valley and up to forks. Bob Gooding shop, Olympic Sporting Goods in Forks was the first stop. . I was a bit nervous to identify myself as a fly fisherman, and not only that but a dumbass fly fisherman that had forgotten his rod. Bob was amazing... nicest shop owner I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Bob lent me a 9wt for the entire weekend. Free of charge. When I asked if I had to fill anything out he simple chuckled and said he trusts me.. just return it on Sunday ( to his friends restaurant down the street)... anyways it all worked out and that was one hell of a thing to do to save my weekend. PROPS.
The trip wasn't a waste though, I found some new fishing holes, great campsites and got to know some good people... I guess it was a successful fishing trip after all. Now I need a catching trip. :cool:
Can't wait for the rain.... hurry rain.

Myself and two of my fishing buddies just spent the last three day's doing the same thing. The only difference is we weren't smart enough to leave. Three day's on the river and only one fish hooked. :confused: We did have a great time :beer1: and the weather wasn't all that bad...

Please RAIN!!!


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Hey Andy - you said you floated from the campground to Streaters.....is that big ol' nasty log jam still causing trouble down below the camp ground? Last year that section was closed as the log jam was life threatening. Any major obstacles on that drift? Thanks.



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I didnt see any log jam. It was actually a very easy float.

Mark's story was good, but Leaky's Beefy Mac story is legendary. Nothing can ever compare to that.
Sorry I missed you guys on Sat. One minute I was following Brian and the next he was gone! Turned around, drove down some random roads, looking for a tree farm. Oh well, sounds like the sea lions had things pretty stired up down in the estuary. We'll have to do that again, but go for trout next time. :beer2:
We wondered what had happened to you!... Bhudda even started honking his ass off from behind cuz you shot past me when I was in the turn lane. We waited for a while on the turn off road and figured you just bailed. Sorry about that! You didn't miss much though.. .it was cool watching a huge steelhead shoot right underneath us at 200mph with a 400 lb sea lion chasing after it just as fast though! :thumb:

AAHHHHHHHHH! " THE COMFORTS OF GOOSE DOWN AND BALD ?" haha campfire talk! well ive been at greenlake fishing for 8in.planters cuz i suck at steelheading. but it was definitely some great water and EMPTY SWEEEEEET HOLES! next time, maybe this weeknd coming up w/ the talk of rain on itsway. who ever is there to catch the first rain is gonna slay'em, no doubt in my mind about that. Mark it was nice to meet you, and Rich and Scott, if your on the website now , welcome! Andy, i got a rio spool with , looks like a floating line on it? maybe 8wt,yours? let me know. Brian, i dont want to drink for awhile! " uggghh, your just jealous cuz ive been talking to hot babes online allday!" great campfire talk , and look forward to it next time. got alot of new waypoints entered into the gps, always good! lates bhudda
A few random images from the trip... Check out the low holing Andy took on the Bogey one morning... hahahaha. He was just a tiny bit frustrated.

Great time camping and floating with everybody on the Clearwater. Marc's campfire story about Hoochi 1&2, Jethro, etc. was the most insane thing I have ever listened to and a must to hear again. Make it into an action movie, Marc.

New rains appear to be moving into the area so maybe we can do some catching along with the fishing.

Glad to have met Andy, Marc, Jeff and Tightline, all great people and fun fish with. Look forward to more floats with everyone.



Workin in a sweet mullet
Great to see you aboard Scott. I had a great time even if there were no fish to be caught. That campfire picture is pretty badass.

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