MISSING IN ACTION Gets Returned to Me after several Weeks

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This Post is in Reference to the Administrator, and all the Other Followers who just like to jump on the Band Wagon when someone starts some shit...It seems like they all come out of the woodwork and all have something to say........We received a Ration of Shit for the last week or two about a Sage 691-4 Fly Rod that was Sold to a Mike P ..... He Never received.received the Rod and I would have been Upset as well But I told everyone it was shipped but were still found Guilty before the Trial.....There were Nasty Name calling and Phone calls for a few days until it finally stopped....

I told Mike P the Rod was shipped and would make good on it as I did.. Paid Mike Back his $425 for the Rod he was supposed to get from us. NOW I get a slip to come into the Post office and sign for something and what do you know....... BINGO The rod is at the post office somehow the shipping label was torn/ ripped off and could not be Tracked and started its way back to us because of a little return sticker I had on the package.... So the rod is back to me.
I would like to Thank My Friends who have dealt with me in the Past for having nice things to say about my Son and I ....It was Nice to hear kind words from them...I always was a straight shooter and would Never mess with someones hard earned Money...... And Mike P Please let all the Doubters know that You were Repaid your complete $425 Just as I Promised.... ( and Mike I do not blame you at all ) a
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Thank You Buddy

I see that 3,157 people Viewed the Bad Mouthing ....We'll see how many see that I was telling the Truth..........
Just don't set that rod on the rocks, eh? :p

I missed the drama on this one but wouldn't a tracking number have cleared up the mystery?
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