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Newbie question here. I have not ever built or repaired a rod, but I have a bent tiptop that looks like I should be able to replace myself. I contacted the rod manufacturer and they will send me the correct size tiptop for this rod model.

I understand that I should use a lighter to heat the existing tiptop, to soften the existing adhesive and pull it off. My questions for replacement:

Do I need to go to any effort to clean any remaining adhesive from the graphite? Or just leave it?

What do I use to affix the new tiptop? Is there a specific type of glue or epoxy for this application? I saw some youtube videos showing a stick that I would slice off and melt it into the tiptop.....what is this stuff?

I'm afraid of epoxy... It doesn't allow for do-overs. The hot glue does, right?
So it looks like I'm just raiding my wife's craft cabinet for the hot glue gun?

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There may be different types of hot glue. I am not sure I would use your wife's "craft" quality hot glue. The hot glue I
use I used to hold arrow heads on wood shaft arrows when I was into archery. Think about the stress arrows are under.
I have also used epoxy with no problems. It is much easier to use than hot glue. Like Steve, I have never had it fail.


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I have read hot craft glue, super glue and 5 minute epoxy are used for tip top rod guide replacement. I have only used craft glue for 10 -12 rod tip replacements. Yep, the same stuff your wife has for her glue gun. There is no way that tip guide is coming off unless reheated with a flame. If you tried removing without heat, rod blank behind tip guide is going to break, every time, no matter what brand of rod.

And yes, if tip top is not aligned after being glued. Simple reheat and adjust without removal of guide.

If using a bic lighter, use side of flame, not tip and watch heat and keep flame moving. A chrome guide will blacken if overheated or using tip of Bic lighter flame.

Take tip top guide and stab into glue stick at edge. Basically shaving off a sliver that sticks into hole of guide. Heat rod guide until glue melts, shove onto tip of rod blank. Quickly eyeball down guides for straight. Or, place a piece of tape on blank, marking tape where eye of guide should line up. I always eyeball, and close isn't close enough for me.
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Well I ended up using the craft hot glue. It just seemed to fit my skills better, knowing if it didn't align I could warm it and align it. Overall it went really easy. Alignment was even good on the first try. I've casted with it and no problems. It's on at 7 weight so I'm hucking a bunch of line out there and it's holding up just fine. We'll see when I put a fish on it! hopefully this weekend.

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The Craft glue will not fail unless you find yourself in ambient temperature equal to or greater than melting point of craft glue. Which, you would not give a chit since you wouldn't be alive to be disappointed in hot glued tip guide performance.

I have used Craft glue sticks to form body shapes of Minnow imitation flies. Then, cut a rabbit strip to the desired length to attach along top side of glue body. Tie in wabbit strip at front head area only. Hold wabbit strip flap up over eye of hook, reheat craft glue with lighter and slap flap of wabbit onto melted glue. That cheap ol' glue Stays somewhat playable, is durable, is waterproof, and has many applications from repair to craft options.

Hardest part is not heating thread epoxy during removal and replacement of tip top guide. Making sure the tip top guide fits snugly against existing thread and epoxy for best possible appearance. Unless the plan is to take extra steps by re wrap thread in front of tip top guide and cover with epoxy.
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