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I havent done a swap in awhile. Thought this might be a fun one. You tie two flies per person, one small of one pattern and one larger of one different pattern. Only requirement is it has a composite loop in it. Trout or steelhead or bass or whatever. All my usuals are required to sign up so you may as well volunteer to sign up :D@Bajema @john gates @Travis Bille @troutpocket @spadebit @Philonius and the others. Plenty of time to tie as im not in a hurry. As always ill have a fun ongoing group message for the swap with all the details and my address etc. If you dont know what a composite loop is spend some time on youtube looking at the opst stuff and get cracking cause the composite meat swap starts meow...

Who wants in? maybe 10-15 in ideally

@stilly stalker
@john gates
@Max P
@Travis Bille
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Lysergic Prawn in purple/pink/black
on a 35mm shank for winter fish

Steelhead sculpin or mini graboid leech in ginger
on a 25mm shank for summers/trout.

Ill tie this weekend

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