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Alex MacDonald

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Some of you have asked for a few of my recipes, so here's some to play with:
Enchilada Pie (done in a 10-inch Dutch oven)
1 lb ground turkey
package of Lowry's Mild Taco Seasoning
1 lg yellow onion
3 medium tomatoes
1 can sliced olives
1 block each of sharp cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese
1pkg large flour tortillas
brown turkey and diced onion, season per instructions with taco seasoning and remove from Dutch oven. Layer, beginning with a tortilla, meat mix, flat slices of tomato, top with alternating orange and white lengthwise slices of cheese. Repeat until Dutch oven is full, finishing with cheese, and sprinkle olives on top. Bake until cheese is bubbly and the mix begins to slightly pull away from the sides. I serve with sour cream and refried beans.

Crab linguine with lemon-cream sauce:
1 container lump crab meat (Safeway), about 8 oz if I recall
2cloves garlic
flat parsley
1 shallot
1 lemon
half & half
white wine (I use a champagne here)
dip (coat) shrimp in pastry flour if using shrimp or scallops
Sautee garlic in olive oil & butter (prevents the butter from burning) until you smell the aromatics, toss in thinly sliced shallots and the crab (you could also do this with shrimp or scallops), and cook for about 5 minutes more. Deglaze with the wine, and leave a small residue of wine in the pan. Add finely chopped parsley, add half & half, say maybe a cup, remove from heat and add the juice of half a lemon. check for seasoning-probably needs a little salt and white pepper here. Dump over your cooked linguine, and chow down.

I think both these, I could pull off with that new Trangia cookset, having found a diffuser plate that fits nicely inside the rings. This way, I can keep the enchilada pie from burning-maybe!


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I don't mean to outclass Alex, but here are a couple of my go-to camping meals:

Slop in a Pot:
-1 box of mac & cheese (Annies brand if you drive a Subaru)
-1 can cream of mushroom
-1 can of tuna
-black pepper
Cook the macaroni noodles, drain, then add cheese powder, cream of mushroom, and tuna. Mix. Season with black pepper and siracha to taste. Serves 2-3 (or 1 gluttonous giant like myself)

B.C.S.(my standard post fishing campsite meal):
-18 pack of Ranier cans(or a 12 pack of High Life bottles if it is a special occasion)
-15oz bag of Juanita's tortilla chips(if you buy Josefina's I'll hunt you down and repeatedly kick you in the shins)
-14oz medium or hot Emerald Valley Salsa (bonus points if you bring a homemade replacement)
Open a beer, pour it into your mouth, and swallow it. Open chips and salsa, take a chip, dip it in to the salsa, then put the chip in your mouth and eat it. Repeat. Serves 2-4(or 1 if self-respect and discipline have left your vocabulary). As a bonus it is also vegan, so your annoying cousin won't have anything to bitch about.

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Carne Asada:
Several lbs of marinated (sazon, beer, onion, cilantro, lime) skirt steak, char-grilled medium, and sliced across the grain in 1/4" strips
Throw onto a hot tortilla with some diced walla walla sweet onion, cilantro, and lots of Valentina's hot sauce.
Cold Beer.

Alex MacDonald

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OK, so I see the "gauntlet is down" here....mac & pedestrian:D. cook the noodles, sautee a pound of burger, throw in diced onions, and squirt a generous dose of Worchestershire sauce, add it to the mac& cheese, and also add a bag of frozen (thaw it first!!) corn, and mix it all together--Mac & cheese a Doty. Throw down a couple of "vitamin 'R', and there you are! could take a bunch of shrimp, scallops or crab, dice up some carrots, celery and onions, and sautee the veggies, and then the seafood (with butter). Deglaze with a little bit of cognac or sherry, add some heavy cream and egg yolks for a thickening agent, let it reduce a little, add some cayenne and nutmeg, garnish it with a little bit of parsley, and viola.....shrimp (scallop, crab or even lobster) Newburg....don't forget the champagne! Easy peasy. Chef Ptomaine's on a roll here!!

Jim Ficklin

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As an inveterate bachelor, I dislike dishes that require a lot of clean-up - I dislike those even more so when camping.

Brown 1# of lean ground beef/elk/venison; drain if necessary/desired & return meat to the skillet.
Add a couple tablespoons of taco seasoning.
Add 1 can of drained black beans and 1 each small cans of green chilies & sliced black olives.
Pour in 1 cup each of salsa & water, stir & cook until sauce thickens a bit.
Slice four 6" flour tortillas into 1" strips, cut the strips in thirds and mix those in. Reduce heat & simmer.
Take the pan off the burner or reduce to low & sprinkle shredded Mexi-blend cheese over the top.
Serve with chopped green onions & a dollop of sour cream.
One skillet burritos . . .


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I’ll see if I can remember what I put in my South of the Border Lasagna and post it here. It’s been a bit hit especially in the spike camps.

One thing I avoid is using packaged seasonings for a few reasons.
1. If I don’t use an entire package, it ends up spilling all over.
2. If I want more than a package it’s a problem.
3. I don’t like the aftertaste of MSG.


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Man Fud

hack up a brisket large
salt pepper pepper flakes
dredge with flour
cut up carrots, mild beets yukon gold taters
or red ones
several pickled jalepenos
herbage of some varies
olive oil in dutch oven over fire...whatever feels right
put in above and cook the hell out of it
once carmelized(fancy name for burnt a bit or almost)

*Then add bacon that you cooked for breakfast
and potable water...and maybe swipe some brandy from the communal table to add a bit

lid on simmer for 2 hours or 4

*I was forgetten-
cook bacon for breakfast like 2 lbs...
save a lb for thee above

serve with a big spoon and eat out of kettle communally
Have some swigs of that brandy you found...

then fall down sleepy time later after fire goes out

That is Man Fud, from Burning pram VIII or VII, or VI?
or something like that

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
got another one for you guys-quick, easy, and "one pot" It's a breakfast I lifted from Mission Ridge's kitchen-Snowmaker Sandwich: toasted sourdough bread, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese slice, and bacon. Only problem I've found is finding a normal-sized sourdough bread. But, do not dispair!! I simply add another half slice of cheese, and more bacon.......that, and a good Irish Coffee in the morning! come to think of it, it could be "what's for dinner", too!!
BBQ Ribs is a favorite in my camp, easy, little cleanup, but take a little time

1 pkg baby back ribs
2 yellow onions
bottle of favorite BBQ sauce
salt /pepper
lots of tin foil

Put enough tinfoil on bench to completely wrap ribs
slice up one onion and put on one half of foil
salt pepper ribs, put ribs over onions concave side down, and pour entire bottle of sauce over
cut up second onion and put over convex side of ribs
seal up ribs completely in foil pouch
re seal in a second foil pouch
Put on bbq or 6 inches above coal bed concave side down for about 1 1/2 hours, then flip for final half hour. The onions will prevent burning
remove foil and put ribs directly on grill for final carmalization - be careful they are fall apart - steamed in onion juice
serve with the onions, and cornbread muffins
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Jerry Daschofsky

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Funny, I've run camps for years, started as a kid helping in hunting and fishing camps cook the meals. Add a short stint working whitewater trips making meals on multi day trips. I've never done what I consider fancy meals. I'm a firm believer in doing comfort food meals. Haven't heard a person complain yet. And no, none of my meals are fancy. Smoking meats and Dutch oven work is purely old school outdoor cooking.

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