Albacore Tuna season is open in Puget Sound

I was just reading the WDFW regs on central Puget Sound (Marine area 10).

I know that some people have the problem of going fishing for SRCs and catching shaker cohos or something that is out of season this time of year (the guilt associated with this sort mishap can be excruciating).

Alas! All is not lost. The WDFW is offering a year round season on Albacore Tuna...and get this, no limit! and no minimum size!

This is a large, hard fighting fish, so I would reccomend a 12wt or greater as well as lots of anchovies to chum them up. (you will also need a lot, and I mean a lot of backing)

With all the rivers so low right now...I encourage everyone to get out to a beach or on the boat and go after those Puget Sound tuna! :thumb:



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Baramundi and Giant Trevally have also been heating up in the south sound. Bring some celeocanth (sp?) flies as wel

i was recently e mailed na picture of a 1000 lb great white caught not to far from neah bay is it open season for the puget sound great white

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Dont laugh: I have a friend who claims he caught a Grayling in the lower Hoh River recently. Despite the fact that he is a fisherman, and all questions of a fishermen's veracity aside, this guy is not a liar. So it troubles me. :confused:


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When do we think a shark tournament might happen?...reminds me of summers at Bayshore... :thumb:

AlpineTrout tied some great "chironomids" at the open tying table at AATF last night... :rofl:
Nailknot said:
Thanks a lot for blowing the regions best zipper lip. Thanks a lot!
Sorry to you and the rest of the underground puget sound tuna posse (UPSTP). It was too good to stay in the bag though! You know it. If it wasn't me someone else would have blown in it.


PS: I would like to know why the WDFW puts that in there. I figure either 1) laziness, it's already in the coastal marine area regs, so just leave it everywhere 2) they have a since of humor 3) in the event some albacore decide to come in from the ocean, motor down the strait of juan de fuca, turn right at admiralty inlet and enter the sound, the WDFW will have their butts covered.

Has anyone ever heard of or caught a mackeral in puget sound (let alone an albacore)?


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As a matter of fact, back in the '60s, I did occasionally run into a school of mackeral off of Point No Point, and have even caught an adult shad while trolling for blackmouth in front of Pt Monroe. At first I thought it to be a herring with a growth problem, but a trip to the library solved that. If memory serves, it tasted like herring too. Youthful experimentation. All this of course long before commercial fishing cleaned out most the Sound. :(
Banzai said:
I did occasionally run into a school of mackeral off of Point No Point
wow, cool.

I guess there used to be a great true cod fishery in Agate pass.
I think that's why it's closed to all fishing jan - march, in the hopes that it might rebound somewhat.

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It's funny that you should mention True Cod. When I was a young'n,we used to go down to the end of Warren Ave(before the bridge was built) in Bremerton and fish off the Cement plant docks and catch them fish. Very good eating. And back then there wasn't such a thing as a limit. But then again I was young and didn't need a license. :thumb:


I must have about a thousand of these stories,when I was young. You get these when you get older. :clown:
One of the first fish I remember catching in Puget Sound area 11 was about an 8-10 LBS halibut. I have not heard any one catching one in over 15 years or more now.
im not sure how to do it yet but i will put up the pictures of the great white ibelieve it was caught about 20 miles from neah bay in canadian waters. we also used to catch alot of true cod in the waters off mukilteo and a few pacific tom cod. mid to late 70's

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