I hope this is false...but I'm worried it's not


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This move allows the EPA to follow due process whereby Pebble can submit its various necessary applications, and Pebble can present its version of how this mine, unlike every single other similar mine that has been developed planet-wide, will not contaminate the surrounding environment and pose an irreversible threat to the world's largest and most valuable salmon fishery. Evidence both for and against the proposal will be presented, and the politically influenced policy wonks at EPA will conclude that this time, unlike all the other times in human history, a 7-mile wide open pit mine will not contaminate its surrounding environment. And then when it is developed, and the environmental contamination does occur, these policy wonks will have all moved on to other positions, and the new ones who replace them will be appropriately shocked and dismayed that the contamination occurred, and will act decisively over a period of years to designate Pebble as a Super-Fund site that all American taxpayers will get to pay for as much clean up as possible.

Great, just great! MAGA!

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