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today went up to fish around norweigion point and skunk bay and was fishing about 40 ft deep with a countdown where I would only retirve until I felt like I was out of the strike zone then let it float back down and was catching rock sole and cabezon huge ones on this legde with the low tide floating off a eel grass bed and had a take and a rolling flash of siver coming from under the boat, any ways he was about 15 lbs when boated and released. now my buddy all wants to try to fly fish after today.

the fly was a tandem 1/o gammie wide gap salt water hook with a size 4 trailer hook all dressed in white rabbit strips with pearl flashabou mixed in and blue synthetic fish skin to hold down and a cone head to make it sink correctly. but went thru about 5 flies to basically hooks from wear


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Thanks for the report, it's nice to hear someone fishing the salt water. This weekend I'll be heading for Kayak and looking for SRC's.

What weight rod are you using?
Sounds like a nice fish. As someone who plans to try fly fishing the Sound as soon as I can get the boat I picked up running properly. I have enjoyed your salt water fishing reports and advise. Please keep them coming. :THUMBSUP
i caught her on a 8 wt with teeny t-400 line, a little over kill for the sistuation but I have dragged that line over rock piles where it was hung up in the middle of the line where your pulling it by your hand just gritting your teeth after every rock that gets undone on your line, durable line that still can cast pretty far.

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