Wiggle tail review!

sketch-1506357714586.png Been buying & using wiggle tails for a couple of years now! sketch-1506357736819.png These painted ones are shit, crap movement & feel like cardboard! And you only get 2 in a pack! sketch-1506357795063.png The holographic colours have pretty good movement, keep in mind I use mostly Jumbo size for pike flies! sketch-1506357925466.png The metallic colours like orange & Copper have the best movement out of the lot! sketch-1506357939394.png The plain colours like green, yellow & white have OK movement, much better than the painted ones but not as good as the holographic ones! sketch-1506357967022.png The new dragon tails are Awesome! sketch-1506357988531.png Size M is good for smaller flies, I only have holographic colours! sketch-1506358005286.png Size XXL is value for money & you get a lot in a pack, but they need some material cut off of the inside curve to move better! Black is made of some swade leather like a shamoi for the car!
sketch-1506358027568.png The Jumbo size wide catches to much air & is horrible to cast, the Jumbo slim is perfect! But you can cut some off of the outside curve to make the slim size & use the off cuts for something else! sketch-1506358045287.png These clips are a cost effective way to attach them! Hope this helps anyone that is looking to buy some online! Cheers Adam

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