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I Fly fish but don't tie flies....no patience
Hackles, foam, wire, floss, thread, glue, etc....

Serious inquires only at 253-232-4844

thread - $1.00 Each
Foam - 5 for $1.00
Floss - Large 1.00 each; small $.50 each
Wire - Lead 4 for $6.00, colored $1.00 Each
Hackles from $5.00 to $50.00 each depending on type
Feathers - peacock swords $2.00 each
dubbing - $1.50 Each
Fur - $2.00 - 410.00 Each depending on type, rabbit, moose, chinchilla, etc

Not a retailer just want to see this go to people who will use it.


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Patrick, I see you're a new member, so not familiar with the rules, but you need to post a price. I suggest you give a price for the whole lot and also price out lots - like one price for the vise, one for the tools, one for hooks, etc.
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