Fastest 10 foot blank

grady blk

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Looking for advise to have a boat specific 2 handed over head rod in an 8 or 9 wt any suggestions on the manufacture that makes this. I currently use a Beulah Opal DH but find the 11 foot a bit of a pain to land fish but love the simplicity of the cast, short or distant laser bombs



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Three that come to mind but only in 7 weight and 10’ are the Sages’ TCR-TCX-Method, and I suppose you could put the One in the group plus it comes in 8 and 9 weight.
The Batson/Rainshadow blanks are fast but not sure on their available weights and lengths.
Of course fast is a term with a wide spectrum......the Radian, X, NRX, etc are all considered fast.
The fastest ? Maybe the Torpedo distance series or the Affinity X from CTS a Nee Zealand blank company.


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Two different beasts. I would say the XP is the faster action rod but the RPLXi the stronger fish fighting rod and does cast well enough on its own. But a 4 piece is nicer than a three piece MHO.

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