Last largemouth fishing of the season for me

A long day of trout fishing in the seeps made me start to wonder why I like bass so much. About a dozen 14-18" trout had been landed while stripping wooly buggers 15-20 down. The trout took line, jumped, didn't give up easily and generally fought like trout. As the day wound down I started to think that I should try for one last largemouth this season. Ended up catching several.
A hurried move to another lake put me on the bass water with about an hour and a 1/2 of light. The first strike reminded me why I like largemouth so much. Yes a trout fights faster, harder and longer.... but the bass strike is so good.

Sunset on the bass pond:

The flies are fun to tie also:


April is less than 7 months away.


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I had a very similar outing on Wednesday. Unfortunately the bass pond I went to had become covered in some sort of algae glop form turnover, so only one bluegill hit. Nice looking diver!