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Hi guys, I am joining this forum because I am really getting into the art of fly fishing. I am from North Carolina, I am 16 and my name is Cason. None of my family has fly fished so it has been a learning experience. I am currently traveling the country with my parents. We went up through Canada, Alaska, and came down the West Coast and are currently in Southern Utah near Bryce Canyon. Next stop is Colorado. I bought my first fly rod in Wyoming where I fished for native cutthroats. I then Caught some grayling in BC Canada. Truly a remarkable fish that will always rise for a dry. I was able to tackle some pink salmon with my 5 wt in Alaska which was lots of fun. I have been fishing the Sevier River here in Southern Utah. Had a fantastic day yesterday, landing 11 rainbows over 10 inches. I also got my PB which was 17 inches and very fat. All were caught dead drifting an olive sz 10 Wooly bugger with a dropper hairs ear nymph underneath. They would hit each of them 50/50. I believe the big bow I caught could have been a cuttbow, and would love to hear your opinions.

That was my first trout ever. 16 inch cutty

One of the salmon I caught. All trout were were released but the salmon was smoked!

Here is my PB caught yesterday that I think could possible have a little cutthroat in him.

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Welcome to both the forum and to the "passion," Cason. Great trip, splendid photos and very nice fish. Oh, to be 16 again, hiking & wading streams with the unbridled energy & enthusiasm of youth. It's refreshing to see that the torch has been passed to a fine, young ambassador of the fly-fishing world. Enjoy! That fish looks like a Rainbow to me.

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New blood. It's always nice to have of young people getting into fly fishing. Welcome.

Only one thing to say is don't hold them troots to hard. They won't take to much squeezing in their innards. You need to handle them like they are fragile.


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Good work on the catching, Cason, and welcome to a great sport. The grayling is especially cool; I've never had that chance.

If you want to go as easy as possible on a fish you plan to release, wet your hands before handling it. I know it's counterintuitive, but it's easier to handle them with wet hands, mostly because it's more comfortable for them. The bonus (for both you and the fish) is that the slime stays on the fish and off your hands. Win-win.

The fish in your last pic appears to be a straight up rainbow. Cutt-bows tend to feature spots all over their bodies (and, of course, the tell-tale red slashes under the gills). Either way, it's a good one!

Get at least a couple of your friends into it. You guys will create some of your favorite memories out chasing rises.

I have a cousin who lives in NC. He likes to fish the Pigeon River for its tiny but beautiful wild trout. His name's Tab. Maybe you'll meet him out there someday....
Thanks for all the replies guys! I learned very quickly to wet my hands and be very careful. I always let the little guys go without touching them, and for the bigger ones take a quick photo and let them go.. probably going to start pressing down my barbs now that I am confident in my hooksets and fighting ability. Is there any different approach I should take to trying to catch Browns? I haven’t been able to hook into one yet, even though I’ve fished some rivers where they are abundant.

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What part of NC are you from? I lived in Fayetteville for a few years, but have fished from Cape Lookout to Spruce Pine. Lots of fishing out there! If you are close to the coast, forget about trout and get yourself an 8wt and a kayak and hit the intercostal.

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