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What part of NC are you from? I lived in Fayetteville for a few years, but have fished from Cape Lookout to Spruce Pine. Lots of fishing out there! If you are close to the coast, forget about trout and get yourself an 8wt and a kayak and hit the intercostal.
I am from about 30 mind west of Charlotte. Should be able to get up in the smoky mountains and fish some with only about a 3 hr drive. Would love to eventually do some fly fishing on the coast!


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Like yellowlab, I too have lived in and did a lot of fishing in NC. It looks likely have a solid start already. I wish I had picked it up when I was your age.

South Mountains state park has some good water; both wild and stocked.

Don't overlook your own backyard. A load of good options for warm water fly fishing. Do some research and scouting you will find those special spots for when it is too hot for trout or a 3-4 hour drive to the mountains or coast isn't in the cards. If that special spot has smallies, you're in for a real treat.

PM if you have any questions!


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How come a 16 year year old loads pictures right side up on his first post and us more aged folks end up loading them sideways or can't figure it out at all?:confused:
I'm not surprised.
Pics load sideways if they are too big, dimension wise. Resize - 1600 pixels wide or smaller should do it.


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Cason, your are the poster child for how to introduce yourself to this forum in the right way. Great narrative, excellent pix! We look forward to hearing from you often.


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Really nice intro kid, it was a pleasure to read. Since you're literate and can communicate clearly and concisely you probably would have had a great financial future, but now that you have lost your innocence to the evils of western flyfishing you will probably just end up as a dissipated and bleary-eyed hackle junkie wandering along streambanks in damp and moldy jeans looking for your next fix - the surging hookup to a big fish.

Not to worry though. It could be worse. You could have ended up as a successful businessman chained to a desk.

I hope to meet you on the water some day
You're off to a smashing start. Welcome to the culture. Let fly fishing steer you to the river and away from getting in trouble. Great for you. Welcome.

PS you've got some really cool parents.

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