FS Free: Ancient Float Tube

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Matthew Kaphan

Active Member
I've been holding on to my first float tube for 25 years ago thinking I'd have a need for it but it hasn't seen water since I got a pontoon boat 19 years ago. This thing is aged but I believe it still floats. Free pickup in Olympia, otherwise you'll have to pay shipping. I'll take some flies if you insist on trading.

The picture below is not of my tube, but the same model. Mine is likely to be a bit faded.



David Loy

Senior Moment
Wow, great looking tube! I have an ancient Bucks Bag, but not in this condition. I still love some aspects of a tube over a toon, particularly on small to medium lakes. They just fish well. At 25 years I'd recommend the buyer invest in a new inner tube. Hate to see a failure in deep water. Should make someone happy though.
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