NFR: Baseball and Congress


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Jason Baker said:
We've got too important issues that are actually hurting Americans like healthcare, education, social security, and a war to be taking on this issue. Baseball is a private enterprise. It's the enterprises' responsibility to police their players. Our politicians just have more important issues to address.
I in no way am saying that we should forget about the higher issues facing our country and go after millionair baseball players using steroids. All I'm saying is the issue must be faced, and if the higher-ups in baseball isn't resolving this problem on there own, then who will? I know the more important issues should take priority, but as everyone knows, those issues have been going on for as long as I can remember. I just can't understand why some people are creating such a fuss over this matter.

Jason, I'm sorry I misundertood the purpose of your quote, I had no clear idea why you used it. I only used the child labor issue to make an argument against what I thought you meant, which I misjudged.


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