Chloe's first bonefish


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My four year old niece Chloe got her first bonefish this past weekend.

It fought pretty well, and put up a good fight. She was too scared of it to take a hero shot. I showed her the little black mustache and she thought it was cute. She wanted to catch her own fish on her barbie pole.

She was a little concerned when it about pulled her into the water. Not much drag on those barbie poles.

She landed a nice palani, surgeon fish and was pretty proud.

Then we went offshore yesterday and got some mahi and nice bottom fish.

Nice sunrise

Nice double rainbow

Nice Catch

Nice yellow spot

Couple of nice opakapaka, great eating fish.

Would have caught more mahi, but these pilot whales showed up and ate a bunch of mahi themselves.

See ya laterz, Mems.


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My four year old niece Chloe got her first bonefish this past weekend.
My we please hire Chloe as our bonefish guide in March as I am currently 0 for 14 for HI bones.... and my wife says I am a good tipper so (assuming she wants to go to college some day) it might just be a win win type of thing.... just saying.... ST


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I will check her schedule, she is pretty busy with ballet, soccer, surfing and just being cute. I will see if she is available, thanks, Mems.

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