Shortest rod challenge...

I was wondering what to do with a couple of extra bamboo sections I have. I will have one ready for our next shorty event next year. What are you using for reel?
The smaller two are working key chain trinkets and the "big" one was a soft tape measure. Extra bamboo tip sections are handy to keep around for scarfing broken tips....
Well, I am working on a 42" blank. It is a tip section of a fly rod and a tip section of a bait casting rod. The ferrules are set and the tip top is fitted. Will start to put the varnish tonight.
You remember what happened the last time I posted pictures. I will try to post pictures when I am farther along. I didn't word it right. Yes the bottom section is the tip section off a bait caster. I told a few guys from Kitsap Fly Anglers about this last night, lets just say they gave some funny looks. I guess they have their fun spending $800 on a graphite rod that someone else built, with no imagination. Now if we could only fit into a mini pram, something under 3 feet. Should we make this the next challenge?
Is this picture upside down?? Looks good on my ipad....:confused:
Steve, to answer your question, upside down when embedded on my PC, right side up when opened in separate tab. Right side up on all my Android devices (phones and tablets) when viewed in Tapatalk. Orientation info was left in EXIF, even if everything else was removed, so that's probably how various programs clue in to which is the right side up.

To contribute to this thread, my shortest rod is a one-piece Robert Gorman Green River Mettowee impregnated bamboo rod at 54". A super-sweet 4wt pocket rocket, it's been picking up karma like nobody's business:

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Hi Kenneth,
Thanks for the reply. Nice shorty rod! I'll bet that brown put a good bend in it! What's the biggest fish with it so far? Too bad you live so far could've joined our short bamboo challenge!

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