I'm looking to upgrade my riverside coffee experience. I'm more of a Mate' guy on the river but it can be quite a process, particularly in the rain and I think a thermos full of (good) warm coffee would be the ticket. Help me move on from the shame of instant coffee.
I usually take some on a cold morning. You can't do much better than Craven's coffee. That's a roaster in Spokane and you can buy any number varieties on line from their web site. Just Google the name. They ship very quickly and the coffee is excellent. The problem I have is that I want five or six cups every time I drink it.:)


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I am very particular about coffee! I prefer it like my beer: really dark and strong. I don't go to Starbucks because i can make coffee better at home the way i like it. (I do use their French Roast grounds though, ground at #6).

I only have one cup in the morning because it is very strong. The Oomph acts kind of like a french press in that you pour boiling water over it, wait 90 seconds and press it down. It doesn't need a filter. It also acts a to-go cup. (But it is not a thermos.) I travel with it because too many VRBOs have terrible coffee makers.

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Get ya one of these, the working man's coffee thermos, and fill it with Kirkland. Not the best coffee, just the best buy. If you want to upgrade, Peet's Breakfast Blend is good and won't get you into the skinny jeans crowd. Lastly, you do know that coffee is only coffee when served black...right?
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That's just unamerican!
In my youth I started out drinking it with cream and sugar. As I got older I switched to black. Then coffee started to upset my stomach. I switched to decaf. That didn't help. Then decaffeinated. And it still hurt. I said to hell with coffee. I don't even drink Diet Coke anymore either. My strongest drink now is water, and I drink a lot of it.
My coffee maker at home is able to be pre programmed to begin brewing at a set time. I just get it set up the night before, program it to go off like 30 minutes before I wake up. I wake up to the smell of fresh coffee poor it in my pre heated thermos, and go.

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Sumatran, Guatamalan Antigua...dark, Peets Major Dickensons Blend now...make in a Bodum French Press...Coffee is of almost unparalleled importance.
Maybe I didn't make it clear enough but I'm looking for suggestions for making coffee on the river.... by the time I've gotten to the river I've already consumed the coffee I made at home or picked up along the way. Right now I have a jet boil I boil water with and either drink loose leaf herba mate' or I dump instant coffee into water and fill my thermos.... it tastes like shit but gets the job done. I'd like to have something a bit more refined on the boat or bank this winter. Considering a French press but never owned or used one.