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Can't beat a Jet Boil for making hot water in camp, camper, or the boat. Then pick your favorite between a French press or Melita cone filter. I like French press, but don't care to clean it, so I opt with drip through a cone filter. If you want more than you'll drink in a single sitting, after pouring boiling water into the coffee maker of your choice, boil some more water and pre-heat a Stanley thermos before adding coffee to it, and it will stay hot all day.

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I might take a thermos with me for a one-day fishing trip.
Thanks all, for the info on the Aeropress. I've been hoping to learn about a better way than the filterless drip cone I was taking with me on camping trips. On a cold morning, by the time the coffee finally ran thru it into my cup, it was getting cold already. I'd bring a baggie of fresh ground Colombian beans from home (never French roast, as its way too bitter and dark for my tastes, since I drink my coffee black), so at least I wasn't drinking instant.

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Jet Boils are high tech cool, and hard to beat. I was impressed when Starbucks came out with their instant coffee packets. They were/are pretty good tasting. I love french press coffee. For an old school cool, I keep a Kelly Kettle in the DB and for car trips. It'll make hot water in a couple minutes using twigs and small wood.
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Creatch'r, I discovered the GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker before my Washington PCT hike. It makes coffee making quick and clean and it tastes the same as brewing at home. I was tired of having to pack the odd sized Melitta cone in my backpack and found the GSI Outdoors filter. It can be stored/folded inside your jetboil (or most other cookpots). Just snap it on the coffee cup or mug you are using, add a paper filter and coffee, and pour in the hot water. It is easier to clean up than a French press because you don't have to use water to clean it out. Just lift the paper filter and used grounds out and put it into the trash. You can get one on A. Prime for $10. I gave one to my daughter and her boyfriend before they did the entire PCT and they immediately found it to be a must have item. This will solve your coffee dilemma while also being very minimalist.
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After 20+ years of deploying to third world shit-holes and tasting every kind of coffee, the best I’ve ever had was from a little family owned roaster in Kona, HI. I used to buy from them by the case before I went back overseas.
worst i ever had was at the intourist Hotel in Khaborovsk, USSR...followed by the Boyds in the staff room at the museum I worked in...instant reflux...might have worked as a paint stripper...


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I'm one of those dweebs who roasts my own... Friends don't let friends drink pre-ground coffee.
You might check out the Italian portable ceramic burr grinder all-in-one drip coffee maker, the Cafflano. It has an adjustable grind. I wish they combined it with a french press instead of a stainless screen drip funnel and I wish it came with a drink lid, but it does a nice job of portable grinding with minimal to no mess.


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In my youth I started out drinking it with cream and sugar. As I got older I switched to black. Then coffee started to upset my stomach. I switched to decaf. That didn't help. Then decaffeinated. And it still hurt. I said to hell with coffee. I don't even drink Diet Coke anymore either. My strongest drink now is water, and I drink a lot of it.
Just a personal insight into my own contradictions,I worked the graveyard shift for 30+ years and never drank one cup of coffee.Love the smell but can't stand the taste.
Just try throwin' in a big horseshoe dip!! 1/2 tobacco and 1/2 coffee grounds!!! It's called the farmboy flush!!! Or the cowboy cleanse!!! Gets ya running to the outhouse in no time!!!
Roasting your own beans certainly ups the coffee geekery. . . but it is really easy and makes a huge difference. Like baking your own bread instead of eating packaged . . . or tying your own flies instead of buying them.

I got started about a year ago using an air popper and green beans from
Thanks for all the info guys gonna do a little research on all the suggested units tonight after work. Maybe a coffee clave is in order? Or maybe an "everything but angling" retreat where we just sip single malt, smoke cigars, drink coffee and talk about benchmade reels and seal skin socks instead of fish ?

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