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I had to do it...gas station coffee was just too unreliable. Many a time they didn't have enough to fill a thermos at 4:00 am.

Camping is a different drill. I get those Folgers coffee in the tea bags. I have a small percolator pot minus the percolator shit, and I just bring water to a boil with four coffee bags in it and dump the results in my thermos. The used bags go in the fire, or neatly into a trash bag.

I'm all about the simple...I can be perfectly happy for weeks on canned and freeze dried food, dried fruit and trail mix, and a little jerky thrown in to spice things up.


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I have been brewing coffee cold for years, way before it was cool. Ha!
My contraption of choice is a Toddy Maker.
More recently I was given a Nespresso machine, and I also really like it. But hot coffee does not lend itself as well to the hot weather in SoFla.

I should add that my favorite coffee is Kona and I mix my cold brew with lots of milk. Smooooth!
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Get ya one of these, the working man's coffee thermos, and fill it with Kirkland. Not the best coffee, just the best buy. If you want to upgrade, Peet's Breakfast Blend is good and won't get you into the skinny jeans crowd. Lastly, you do know that coffee is only coffee when served black...right?
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Why that is the container of a blue collar laborer! Will it work on the water? It's too big around to go in my yeti cup holder. I don't know, I'm skeptical.
Maybe I didn't make it clear enough but I'm looking for suggestions for making coffee on the river.... by the time I've gotten to the river I've already consumed the coffee I made at home or picked up along the way. Right now I have a jet boil I boil water with and either drink loose leaf herba mate' or I dump instant coffee into water and fill my thermos.... it tastes like shit but gets the job done. I'd like to have something a bit more refined on the boat or bank this winter. Considering a French press but never owned or used one.
Jet boil and French press. It all goes in a waterproof bin and under the seat. Easy unit.

+1 aeropress, only way to roll

I'm not as fancy as Evan, but I only drink blue star cause it is the best for commercially produced coffee. I also rock a manual grinder and electric when my vehicle is near. Whole bean only.
So did you get the reel to match the boat or the boat to match the reel?

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