How about a Fall Dry Fly thread

Ron McNeal

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Bob Triggs

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We've been having some sweet, balmy, autumn days on the saltchuck. When the water gets glassy, I like to use skating caddis, muddlers, stimulators, October caddis, etc. Sea-run coastal cutthroat trout will definitely take a dry fly in saltwater. And drag is rarely a problem. In fact, sometimes a little drag and twitch is the one thing that will get you a bite.


Matt B

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I thought about chasing BWOs, but since I didn't get to fish much this summer, I went up to some of @Old Man 's small skinny water for some solitude. Fishing was great; catching was so-so. Hatches included mayflies, stoneflies, and termites.



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October Caddis are showing up here. Walked my out the backdoor stream Sunday early evening and caught some for feeding lane tests. Only 1 of the 3 were hammered (at least in the length of stream I could see)... in baseball, that's considered great. Those I caught were size 10-12, in light cinnamon.

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