Classic Silk Thread for Projects and Restorations

I have opened an Etsy shop to sell my excess silk thread. If you are looking for a color that's not there, PM me because I may have a spool or two.

Also I have 1-2 spools of the following:
Here are some spools of great classic colors that can't be matched with modern silk. Prices include First Class shipping to CONUS. All are Size A, unused, on 100 yard spools except for the 5430 which is 50 yards. I only have 1 spool of each unless noted. From left to right:
B/C #5458 "Cognac" -- awesome color especially with CP; great match for the tipping on Granger Aristocrats. I have 2 spools. $12
B/C #4445 "Paprika" -- they named this color appropriately and it is unique. I like this with water-clear lacquer (e.g., Aerogloss) to preserve it. I bet it would look great with straight varnish too. SOLD
B/C #5430 "Desert Gold" -- this is the color that I believe Powell used, it looks very similar to the famous Java Beige. $12
B/C #3045 "Golden Corn" -- I've seen some Cross rods wrapped with this but it's most famous application is the tipping on Paynes. $14
Rice's #317 -- this looks like a darker version of the B/C #3715 Antique Gold. I have 2 spools of this. $12


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