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All lines are in near new shape and used less than 5X on the water unless otherwise noted. Most will not be on original spools as the airflo line spools suck. Prices are shipped conus plus paypal fees.

Orvis Hydros Nymph WF7F (never used) sold

SA Uniform Sink II WF5S (great shape) sold

Wulff Triangle Taper 2 tone (ivory head, yellow running line) TT6F (used once, comes with box and spool) SOLD

Orvis Hydros HD Bankshot WF7F (used 4X) (textured line similar to Wulff Ambush) SOLD

Airflo Speydicator 5, 350gr (never used) sold!

Airflo Galloup Streamer Float WF6F (used less than 5X) sold

Airflo Galloup Nymph/Indicator WF5F (used 3X) SOLD

Rio Windcutter WF3F, olive green, SOLD
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I have the hydros bankshot in 7 wt. and absolutely love it. I have since retired my relatively unused Ambush line because I get so much better performance out of the bankshot. A great price at $45.
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