Jack Beer big island adventure


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Aloha, took Jack Beer out for a day at A-bay. The tide was high so we started on the wall.
Jack got hooked up on some weke,but the papio would only follow the fly and didn't hit.

He got a couple more weke, they want to be a bone and try hard.

Best catch was this cuda. Jack got it with out any wire, impressive catch. We saw a number of large bones, but no love. He is going offshore tomorrow with Russ Nitta on the Lepika. Hopefully some mahi will want to play. Mems.


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Thanks for the day at A-bay. Storm hit and tried offshore with Russ Thurs am. We went our set gear and fished a bit but the north wind was really cranking so came back in after no more than an hour. guess will need to come back sometime. Aloha.



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Hey Jack, had fun fishing with you. Too bad about the weather, Russ is a good guy. Some mahi and 15-20lb ahi showed up on our side, but I had to guide all weekend. Maybe next weekend. Check out my Impossible story, client yesterday got one of those surgeon fish. Glad you had a good time, Don.

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