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15 years worth of fly tying material up for sale. Have roughly 8 hackles that were all $30-$60 each. Also a plethora of every other type of material you will ever need to tie every fly out there; rubber legs, foam bodies, hackles, dubbing, chenille, threads, wires, flashbaous, tons of eyeballs, beads, and everything in between. I cannot list every little item but took a handful of pictures and feel fairly confident that if you were to buy all this individually you would easily spend $1000 to $1500, maybe more?? A screaming deal for ALL OF it, including the 3 drawer bin, at $250. It also includes the two wooden thread holders that you see in the picture and a Dyna King vice mount (mount only, no Dyna King vice included). It comes with one generic vice that works decent, scissors, thread holders, etc.. Also comes with a shimano storage container full of hooks in various sizes.

Located in Spokane. Not really interested in shipping unless buyer pays for shipping 100%. Shoulder has gotten so bad that I will no longer be tying flies.

Not interested in parting out. Thanks though.

IMG_9359.JPG IMG_9360.JPG IMG_9361.JPG IMG_9362.JPG IMG_9363.JPG IMG_9364.JPG IMG_9365.JPG IMG_9367.JPG IMG_9368.JPG IMG_9369.JPG

IMG_9359.JPG IMG_9360.JPG
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