Urban deer


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I travelled to Washington DC area this week for work

Woke up early went for a run in a near by park and ran by this guy. I thought I was hallucinating. Bedded down 15 yards from a very busy trail and 20 yarfs from a very busy highway in a 1/2 acre brushy area less than a 100 yds from a very busy business center high rise

I just stopped for 30 min sat down 15 yards away and observed him. Cool

A 6x7 I would say 140 to 150 class bucket
He had 2 kickers and nice mass - hard to discern in pic as crappy cell phone pic


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Jim Ficklin

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My home town is overrun with Mulies. They were rarely seen in town when I was a kid, but we didn't have to walk very far to find them during hunting season. The Deer Lodge Valley is now full of Whitetails & Elk.

I was on business in the DC area a number of years ago; I was staying at an inn in Herndon, VA. One evening I went for a "walk & stalk" in a wooded area behind the inn, but saw no wildlife (other than a few Fireflies, which was a first for me:D!). The next day I told the folks with whom I was interfacing about my evening. They were all aghast - "You shouldn't have gone up there! They find bodies up there all the time!" "Hmmm . . . I didn't find any bodies. I saw a couple sketchy characters, but they had no clue that I was around." There were loads of Whitetails in and around Gettysburg, however.

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