SBS Rudy's Improved Halfback Nymph


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Found this neat variation to a vintage pattern on a B.C. stillwater site.

hook - Mustad 9671 #8
thread - Danville 6/0 brown
underbody - .030 non-tox (optional, depending on where you want it in the water column)
rib - small wire copper
flashback - large tinsel opal
tail - marabou olive
abdomen/thorax - peacock herl
wingcase/legs - pheasant tail

cover front 1/3 of shank with non-tox; mash barb/start thread, tie in rib, wrap to bend

strip off some marabou fibers; tie in long, pinch/rip to length

tie in tinsel

tie in some peacock herl, twist, wrap to 2/3 mark; tie off/trim

pull flash forwrd; tie off/trim

counterwrap wire; helicopter end, cover with thread

strip some pt fibers, measure (a bit longer than thorax) tie in with tips over hook eye

tie in some more peacock, twist, wrap to eye; tie off/trim

pull pt forward over thorax; tie off/trim butts (a little wax on the thread helps)

divide pt tips evenly

pull tips back; tie off, whip finish, SHHAN (ended up shortening the tail a bit more)


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This is a very nice SBS Scott as all yours are of course.
I tie a similar pattern with the exception of peacock herl body I use a blue mallard wing quill. The blue quill gives an iridescence too.


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Nice tie Scott! For years the halfback has been my favorite fly for lake fishing. It has produced some massive trout for me fished deep and slow, usually in size 12-14. Especially late in the season when fish have seen every possible iteration of a wooly bugger the tiny halfback seems to appear more like real food than the usual gawdy bugger parade.

I'll tie a few of those and see how they compare to my plain Jane versions.


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This the perfect pattern to tie right now and to modify. Sadly many lakes close in a few days. They should stay open to at least the end of November. I will tie some up with a few modifications on some just to see how they fish.

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Very nice tie and excellent instructions. The halfback has fallen out of favor in my box for some reason. I always ties it using pheasant tail for the tail. I will tie some with marabou and give them a try. Thanks.

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