FS Custom Built Fly Rod 2wt 3pc

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Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
I have a disable vet I have been helping with fly fishing and building rods with my help he built this rod. it is a IM6 blank medium action 2wt 3pc 7ft. Has the following:
RL Reels seat down locking
AAA cork grip
Green agate stripping guide
H&H Stainless steel guides with top
Asking $165 ship
Hardy reel not included only for show
I have the same blank fun to fish caught some 18 inch fish on it and only can say it's a blast


Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Very pretty rod. A shout-out to you, Lue for your part in this. Even though I have a couple 2 weights, I'll do my part to help and buy it.

PM with my info coming.

Edit: I misspelled LUE's name . . . again - fixed. I have a dear friend named Lou who is in his 90's & whom I visit several times a week - he has been a part of my life out here for 35+ years & was a mentor back in the early 80's. Old habits die hard, I guess. My sincere apology, Lue. I'm going to write your name on the blackboard 100 times just like Sister Mary of the Wooden Ruler would have had me done back in the day :eek: . . .
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