FS 9' 6 wght. Crosscurrent, Van Stall pliers, spool, misc lines & tech

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Big Tuna

PA280179.JPG PA290184.JPG PA290185.JPG PA290186.JPG PA290182.JPG PA290180.JPG PA290183.JPG PA290181.JPG Van Staal Saltwater Pliers- some wear on leather sheath, but pliers essentially unused- retail for $379, selling for SOLD
9' 6 weight GLX Crosscurrent- Excellent condition- SOLD
Loop LW 8/10 spool- Excellent condition- $65 Shipped Conusa
650 gr. Skagit beer can w/ integrated line-test cast only- $22.50 Shipped Conusa
Nextcast FF 55 8/9 Gen 1- never out of the box- $70 shipped Conusa
Airflo 30 lb. Ridgline running line- great condition $20 shipped Conusa
Apple pencil- brand new and never used. SOLD
Bose Bluetooth ear phones- like new- bought on a trip and wore a few times- SOLD
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Think you might have already told me but I'm not sure. If this is a full line I'll take it, "Nextcast FF 55 8/9 Gen 1"
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