Methow Valley

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
Five of us ventured over to the Methow Valley to fish a few lakes for the last time this year. All are contributors to the WFF site.

Fishing was fishing at some lakes and catching at others. There were some recent plant and some very nice bigger fish, 18-20". We ended up at five different lakes. Weather was perfect. Lake temps varied from 42 - 48 degrees and we got lucky with the lake of wind. Techniques varied from buggers, thin mints, simi seals and fishing whatever under a bobber.

I did the best with a simi seal.

Nice way to end with a fall fling, good friends, good food and a few toddy's & beers.


Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
We didn't hit lakes with browns, that I know of. Some with big a-- fish. The browns would tend to be a little farther north to lakes that don't drain the the Columbia drainage.

DP - you obviously know my history. Slept outside overlooking Big Twin - frost on the ground in the am. After comments on the snoring, I migrated to the concrete pad outside the garage, still below 32. Then migrated into the concrete floor in the garage. Still cold but, I have the stuff for that. I am odd, as you will hear from others, like the dirt and don't mind a little challenge.

Hope all is well with dp.



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Rod - I was told a picture I posted when I was in Japan was upside down (of course @Old406Kid is the one who told me, he's one to talk ;-)). How in the heck am I supposed to look at the top picture? I can't turn my head 180 degrees! Nice trout.

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