Any place to purchase rod building materials in the Seattle area?


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I got my hands on a fly rod blank (viz., Rainshadow ETEF905-4) and I am going to give rod building a shot. Given this is my first attempt, I would like to see the components (in person) before purchasing.

Does anybody know if there is a shop in the Seattle area that carries fly rod components (e.g., snake guides, cork, reel seat, epoxy, and thread)?



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You'll enjoy that blank. I've built several of the 5 wt's and have 3 more to build in 8 and 9 wt.

Are you shaping the cork from scratch or buying a pre-shaped grip?


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Are there any specific components you suggest for the blank?
For snake preference is Snake brand if running double foots (Hopkins and Holloway is good as well). For single foot I normally use Angler's Workshop's house brand.

Reel seats can be as exotic or inexpensive as your desires can be. I really like the Alps RA7 for a mid-tier but very functional seat, and look great with the grey carbon insert. (limited insert options though)

The REC or Lemke LC-1 seats are great as well if you want to spend a little more and find one that fits what you want for your build. (more insert options with these 2)

I dye, stabilize, and turn my own wood it's a little more difficult than just picking out the style, color, and wood grain that you like.

Thread colors can vary a lot, but I tend to wrap these with a base thread that matches the paint and then add a brighter trim color for distinction.


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Snake Brand are great guides but are very pricey, and you won't notice the difference between a Snake Brand, Batson or PacBay once it's on the blank. Sage uses Batson snakes on their rods. I would stay away from Hopkin and Holloways. Their quality has gone downhill when they moved their production to China. For your stripper, I would recommend either a Fuji LNAG or an American Tackle quad foot. The only items I would want to have a look at are the cork, thread colors and the reel seat (maybe the tip top for a good fit). Have fun.
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Actually the Snake Brand universal guides are worth it especially on smaller diameter blanks.
The rounded foot means no filing which saves a ton of time and fiddly effort.

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