Looking for a GWP stud


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I have a really nice female.. AKC/CKC. Just had her eyes and hips done - looks good (although I'm waiting for the official paper).

She's a good hunter. Would be a GREAT hunter if I spent more time hunting. Her dad and all grandparents were NAVHDA dogs.

I can go on a lot about the dog. :)

Anyone have a good stud? She should come into season again in December.


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What I have done are CKC 'field tests' in Canada. We have passed 2 of 3 legs - so next time there's a test she'll get 'field dog' designation.

She hunts well, is steady to flush, retrieves on land and water, etc.

I took her for boarding to a woman who currently breeds and trains retrievers and formerly bred GWP's - I asked her point blank whether or not I should breed Margot. And, she gave me an unequivocal 'yes'. She liked her so much she said she would help me with the entire process. But, she no longer has a stud as she has moved to retrievers.

The dog has a great gait and demeanor in the field. I've hunted over a lot of dogs but this one is absolutely beautiful in the field - prancing across the field with her head up. She listens well and has been a dream to train. She's got a mind of her own but wants to please more than she wants to be a butthead.

At home, she is calm calm calm. From what I've seen some GWP and GSP's are total shitheads in the house. This one has not chewed up a thing and lets my little kids abuse her with no complaints. :)

I know it's anecdotal, but everyone at the CKC field tests I have attended have been impressed with her. I'm not taking her official training too seriously - I want her to hunt the way I want her to hunt and with 2 young kids I don't spend enough time on birds with her. All that being said - she's done MUCH better at these events than the other dogs with extensive training - by people who take this stuff much more seriously than me.

Looks like you have a GSP. Do you have or know of a good GWP stud?

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