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i have a show coming up in April, about 35 paintings, The show is called Themes. It is divided into 3 thematic sections titled and separated by poems for each section to convey what they are about...sort of...


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Thanks all...I do whore my art...I used to have galleries rep me...but i got to the point where the 50% commission they took did not add up to the promotional stuff given in now I promote myself, write press releases and create flyers or posters and hand distribute them around to places i frequent...I don't sell as many but i do avail myself of FB and have a page of paintings at Skip Enge Watercolors...As a result I have arranged via private messaging sales and shipping or delivery of work that clients want. I know of no one that makes a great living at art anymore. I keep myself in supplies is about all. I do think often about the words of a great teacher in college aboout what he thought i should do. He told me to take over where he left off.

Skip Enge

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I used to paint on stretched canvas, acrylic oil and mixed media, found another slide from 1973...I called it "Nature reclaiming her Own"...My brother had it later when he lived in South lake tahoe...bumming around, torn up motorcycle in his living room ...that sort of thing...he said it got stolen...Well the dummy never locked his place up...prolly left the ding door open...or was wasted somewhere fishing...that was his story...I painted weird sheet back then...some were huge...canvases 8-10' in width...
Nature reclaiming.jpg

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Richard my musician partner in working on a tune based on this poem...

We have about 15 songs...some do not suck... ;)


The bright day
Expires, gasping
The sun sets
At skies edge
Leaning gently
Kissing earths brow
Phantoms stretch
Across shoulders
Touching finality
With gestural grace
Shadows fade
Into ink black
Air brushed silence
Shadows fade
Toward night dense
Dome of solitude
Sheltering me.

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writing again...


There is an edge
A space between
Light and dark
A feathery zone
Between distinct
And obscure
How that translates
To life and thought
Truth, half truths
Or falsehoods
In disguise
How can it be known
What is real, phantom
Or nuanced veil
In nature
Wet edges
Of a lake or river
The surf
Continually incessant
As it washes
With the tide
Dark, wet, patient
A stain , a penumbra
Evidence of occurrence
The heart felt and seen
In the distance between
Love and hate
That thin line
Like a puff of wind
Silent stillness
placating the void
And place between
Bookends in opposition
There is a breath
And a voice
A pause of consideration
A penumbral transition
A pause for thought
Between light and dark
The light is on
Then turned off
between fading space
In a millisecond
Momentary, anxious
In the half-light
Diffused and uncertain
Now the clouds
Are dark
And the suns light
Peeks through clouds
Creating a space
And interference
Where we live
That incremental
Location and penumbra
Most of us reside there
In that undefined locale
The waiting place
We wrestle with doubt
Defined by it
The penumbral
Enormity of life.

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...

Finished a Haldane Apparatus coffee table. Those things help measure the content of CO2 in the air back in the 30's-50's. Kind of a tribute to global warming. And coffee.

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Okay I general paint things views and conceptualized ideas, not often portraits. I have done commissions and created gifts of portraits. I really never understood painting portraits of people you don't know like Hollywood folks or stuff like that...I mean if they don't sit for you need a visual source like a photo shot by a copy written photographers it's plagiarism. Photographers are artists too and their work deserves protection...That said I do an occasional portrait, self and otherwise. Here are a couple of my youngest daughter that i gave to her. And one I did in the 70's of my grandmother, circa 1974

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Nobody looks here much but WTH...a fly fishing site and i don't post fly fishing reports...I do a lot of other things that i choose to is short...anyway just finished this one today the third of a new series to be framed and shown later in the year...No title yet
Hood painting.jpg

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Took my large show down yesterday and stored it way...47 paintings...I did sell 8 during the shows run.
Have finished 4 for the beginning of a next themed group of paintings...focussing on the solar and lunar events last year and of course the fire season and how if played havoc in the sky around here what with the Gorge fire and elsewhere...
Nothing but the Sun.jpg
sunrise painting.jpg
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I will give it a try finished this one last night...working title is "Eve"...Hmmm? still no worky...maybe I need a smart phone? Naw, don't think so

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