Recommendation - First Fly Rod


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Hello All,

Just getting into fly fishing, and I have a family member who is willing to teach and make a fly rod for me and my wife. This will be our first fly rod, and we will each be getting our own. The primary species will be trout, we will be fishing out of a raft and wading on local rivers, streams and lakes.

I am currently looking at rainshadow rod blanks, specifically the REVF904-2SB &
REVF905-2SB. Would you recommend anything else in this price range?

Thank you
Avex, if you live near Sequim stop buy Fishermen's Outlet and pick up you Rainshadow blank there. It may be possible to save a lot of money. Fishermen's Outlet is retail outlet for Rainshadow Batson and Pac Bay.

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