Skagit River Speyapalooza


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Spey heads and fly fishers of all types are invited to come out to the Howard Miller Steelhead Park on Dec. 2nd from 9am-3pm to rally with others, demo rods and other gear from prominent fly fishing vendors, learn tips and tactics surrounding all things spey related, enjoy fly tying demonstrations, get updates on TU's suction dredge campaign and eat a hot chili lunch.

Suggested donations will be accepted for a bowl of hot chili, and cornbread, mighty fine fixin's for a December day outside, and will help support the North Sound chapter of Trout Unlimited.

More event information on Facebook SKAGIT RIVER SPEYAPALOOZA
The entire Skagit is closed to all fishing until December 16th.

Yeah, but it's not closed to hanging with like minded fishers at HMSP, demo-ing some gear, casting rods without hooks, fighting in waders, and eating homemade chili in support of a local non-profit.

Really wouldn't be that much different if the river were open, not like there's any steelhead in this state.

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