NFR 2017 Swimmy all out Xmas bash!!!

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@Old Man , you crack me up. You really can't be THAT curmudgeon-y can you?
I don't really get into Christmas. To me it's just my wife's Birthday. That's enough for me to celebrate. I'm not into gift giving. I'll get her something for her Birthday. But that's the end of it.

If it was my way I wouldn't even put up a shitty tree. Just leave everything the way it is. Don't need all that other crap.


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Hahaha! So you ARE a Christmas Curmudgeon! Wish I lived closer I could buy you for a beer and share my Christmas cheer!

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Just an Old Man
I'm really a mild manner kind of guy. I used to drink like a fish. I got a bottle of Yukon Jack and a bottle of Jim beam. Both pints. Got them over 3 years ago, still full. I find it no fun to drink alone. I can't even get a slight buzz by my lonesome. I bought a 4 pack of 16 oz Miller beer. It took me over a year to drink 3 of them. I think I threw the last one away when we moved this spring.


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I've learned that anyone wearing a Xmas sweater out in public is pretty much guaranteed to be friendly.

Struck up a nice conversation at the eye doctor yesterday with a lovely lady who was wearing a fun holiday sweater. I learned a lot. She loves Xmas. Her house is currently a mess right now with decorations but she's getting organized cause her grandkids are coming soon to visit from Minnesota. She's likes a fresh snow, warm tea, and classic carols. We chatted for about 15 minutes and pretty much left best friends.

Test my theory. Meanwhile, I'm stocking up on my sweater collection.


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We were talking about that story yesterday at the pub when i told him i noticed he was again one of the only homes without decorations. So when i took him back home I went out in his garage and found his Christmas tree and set it up. I didn't think he would care that much, but he did. He was so pleased that he had to go outside to see how it looked in the window.
Way to go Jo! (based upon the Matt Liar thread you initiated, I was going to say "way to go girl!" but thought that might be misconstrued...... ) ;-) That was a very nice act on your part.

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