NFR 2017 Swimmy all out Xmas bash!!!


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Jim, I will accept your rain check.

I'm having some friends over for dinner and maybe a game or two. Afterwards I've proposed a stroll through the neighborhood for a carol or two. My single friends just laugh but my friends with kids think it is a fun idea.

I'm curious how our members would feel if folks stopped by singing carols?

Jim Ficklin

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We did a lot of it when I was a kid (when I could sing, lol.). I know it was well-received back then; I wouldn't think that today's family-oriented sub-divisions would be any different than the small town of my youth. I have never encountered carolers here (other than at the mall before I learned to avoid such places), but were carolers to appear in my neighborhood I relish & appreciate their effort.


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I'm curious how our members would feel if folks stopped by singing carols?
I really hadn't thought about Christmas carolers for a long time and probably haven't had that pleasure at our door for 20 years. I wonder if this tradition is another religious practice that's going by the wayside? I'd very much enjoy it if you ring our doorbell and sing a Christmas carol or two. As for me joining a group of carolers: I don't sing well (that might mean I can't carry a tune.)

Skip Enge

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No one would walk here let alone walk here and sing...especially in the dark...I'd be flagging traffic again waiting for the Sheriffs office to come and relieve me of that duty...
Way back when, I sang in a professional boy’s choir called the Pennsylvania Singing Boy’s, for several years in my pre-teens, before my voice changed. We bus toured around the northeast some, and did concerts, etc.

At Christmas time, I can remember going around town and singing Christmas carols at a few people’s homes, but I suspect it was prearranged with those families beforehand, so we didn’t show up unannounced, especially since there were 30 - 40 of us. What fun that was back then.

Several of the boys in our choir went on to have musical or acting careers, but I never did. Probably the best known of these, that some of you old timers might remember, was John Davidson. I continued to sing some through high school, but by then my focus had largely turned to sports, fishing, ...and girls!