NFR 2017 Swimmy all out Xmas bash!!!


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The kids wanted to get trees today, so we went to the usual tree farm in the pouring rain. I never get one this early. Put this one under the deck to dry for a few days before bringing it into the house. Not 13' though; maybe 10'.


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Or just burn it down and start over!
Ha! I feel your pain, but it's just a minor adjustment. This happened to me a couple of years ago after it took me over two hours to get them just right, with the wires all hidden. I really did have to start all over!


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@Jojo For about 10 seconds I was thinking you literally doubled-down on Swimmy by putting up two Christmas trees. And then the coffee began to work.
Hahahaha! That mirrored wall throws everyone off when they first see that it's not the whole room! When i bought the place i looked through the window before i called the realtor and i thought the living room went way, way back and was YUGE! When i finally got inside and found out it was a mirrored wall I no longer wanted to buy it, but my friends talked me into it and i'm glad they did.
Looking good, Swimmy. That Santa mug belongs in the hands of a man and his robe on a frosty winter evening in the front lawn........peering out over his holiday masterpiece quizically yet confident

Just sayin'

Eggnog is getting to me already :eek: :D

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