FS Fly Lines - various, single and two hand MARKDOWN!

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PRICES REDUCED AS MARKED BELOW. Firm on prices, does not include shipping.
I've got a bunch of lines I thought I'd need but don't. Particularly the spey lines - I sold my rod and looks like I'll stick to one hand for a while.

Most are new, some used once or twice, all in the box. Will ship (add $4.00 for a single line) w/ PayPal payment or pickup in Gig Harbor. PM if interested.

One Hand:
Used Airflo Ridge Supple Tactical WF5F Lichen Green $40 NOW $30
SOLD New Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Nymph Indicator WF5F Willow/Orange $50 SOLD
Used S.A. Mastery Streamer Express WF7F Mist Green $47 NOW $32
New S.A. Sonar Hover Sink WF7 F/H 198gr. Optic Green $60 NOW $45
SOLD New S.A. Sonar Salt Intermediate WF8I Sunrise/Clear $60 SOLD
New S.A. Mastery Textured Coastal Express Taper WF250S 100' Surf Grey $50 NOW $40
New S.A. Mastery Textured Titan Taper WF7 F/I 230gr. Turtlegrass/pale green $50 NOW $40
Used S.A. Sharkskin Steelhead WF8F Optic Green $65 NOW $49

Two Hand, all new:
SOLD Airflo Tactical Shooting Head Scandi Compact 480gr float pre-loopsST7/8F blue green $30 (not in box) SOLD
Rio Skagit Flight SHD 225gr. Pale Orange $20 NOW $15
SOLD Rio Shooting Line .030 Coldwater 100' $35 SOLD
Scientific Anglers Shooting Braided Mono 150' .032PE Orange $20 NOW $15 SOLD
Scientific Anglers Shooting Float Mono 100' .030SL Yellow $20 SOLD
S.A. TC Skagit 3rd Coast Head 480gr. 22' Heron Blue $32 $NOW $27
SOLD S.A. TC Skagit 3rd Coast Head 550gr 23' $32 SOLD
S.A. Shooting Line .038SL Float 100' Mist Green $24 NOW $19 SOLD

S.A. TC Skagit 3rd Coast Floating Kit w/4 tips 560gr $100 NOW $90
S.A. TC Skagit 3rd Coast Floating Kit w/4 tips 480gr $100 Now $90
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