Old fiberglass rod question

I have 4 old fly rods made of the brown colored fiberglass. One is Saint Croix one is a Montague and the others are of unknown maker. I know fiberglass wasn’t used much until after WWII. And my question is what was the time frame that the brown fiberglass was used. I know the rods have little value and I acquired them as gifts or from second hand stores. Like many, it’s not the monetary value it is the number of rods you have in your quiver, and I like to have them useable if I can. So far so good.
Detailed pictures would really help as "brown" glass was nearly ubiquitous. Pretty nearly every rod maker at some point utilized brown blanks, including Russ Peak...
For some reason unknown to me I have had no luck posting pictures. At this point I am not concerned about the maker of the rods, just the time frame that brown fiberglass was used. Some blanks are painted, these blanks are not painted. The blanks look like a material we once called micarta.
The color of the rod won't be indicative of when it was made. More than likely sometime between the mid-fifties and mid-seventies, but could have been any time in the last sixty years... The only thing to give you a time frame is make and model. Sorry, can't be more helpful than that.

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