Anybody available for Sprague Lake??

Want to head over tomorrow morning, overnight in my tent and fish Monday morning. Anybody available to join me? Anybody with sperience could give me some tips on flies, place to tent up Sunday night, food near(ish). Thx

PM me or text

I have some pals that are working on their retirement place there. From what I gather the local bar closed in town, and that in general the town is really dying and falling apart. You may try the Viking drive in, they are only open till 8pm though.

To be honest...I spend lots of time in that general region of the state and have yet to find eats that get me excited. I was hoping to find a really killer little hole in the wall that's serving up good country fare, so far it's all been trash off a Cisco/Food Services of America truck.
It's just easier to bring quality stuff from over here and make it the way I like it. YMMV.

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