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I'll have you know, that although this statement is true in its nature, given how I tend to operate, I have newer white anchor lines! I did discover that black anchor lines do not work as well, it is harder to see them in the water, which makes it harder to set your angle and when a fish takes you around the anchor line it is harder to see how to unwrap it. So Lue's point is a valid one to make.
Ira - interesting about the line color (Oh, and I knew you'd upgraded your lines after the splice jobs we did at that alkaline lake up north).. I replaced my lines last year and went from white to dark red....

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I prefer to have more rope than actually required. So I run 100’ of rope off the bow and stern of my prams. I also run heavy pyramids, 14lb on the bow and 12lb on the stern. I hate being blown off a spot when the fish are biting. Also it’s always a good idea to run some extra rope for the scope while anchored. It helps with keeping the pram steady. I store my anchors and rope in a milk crate. Which makes it easy to carry and store.

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Thanks much for the info, guys. I wasn't exactly sure what a 'feed bucket' is? Maybe you mean a bucket with a plastic lid, via a cut hole, the anchor line is fed out? Or maybe this is some kind of bucket that pigs/cattle get their dinner in?

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