Swap Spring Streamer Swap CLOSED!!!!!!

I would like to get a nice spring streamer swap going, but dunno how it really works :beathead: . Anyway, thinking like, no less than 6, no more than 15. I wouldn't mind doing the hard work, or just participating in one. let me know, let get it going.

Spring Streamer Swap?

I would be intrested. What are the rules fresh water or salt or both?
Due date?
Can we add the rule for no leech patterns to give every one some new ideas to look at?
Your swap but lets get the rules out there for all to see.

Scott Behn

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Spring Streamer Swap?

I'll participate for this one. Don't know what I'll tye up yet, but agree with everyone else, lets get the skinny about the swap out there quick, fast and in a hurry.

Spring Streamer Swap?

I'd like to play, but I'm up in BC. If I pay the extra postage will you send them to me. I've really developed an interested in fishing streamers for steelhead lately.
Spring Streamer Swap?

okay, lets set the date for the middle of april, about the 15. if this is too short notice let me know and we can change. i am going to assume that this swap will be a fresh water swap. be creative, and no lame leech paterns.
so far we got.........
7.scott behn
8.speyrodbebop (ok)

any other suggestions let me know, again i am new this at the swap.
Spring Streamer Swap?

I'll tye up some little rainbow bucktails. Basically a mickey finn with the coloration of a small rainbow, always seems to get me BIGGER rainbows that want to play with it....

Spring Streamer Swap?

i am going to tye my version of skidmarks, its cross between a kyles egghead and double bunny, this streamer is basically on steroids. it a proven fact that it will enhance the parasympathetic(fight or flight) of any trout. this was proven by me of course.


Willie Bodger

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Spring Streamer Swap?

OK, I'm stuck, can't decide what to tie. Shiner minnow, modified Mickey Finn, brook trout or zonker. Any requests?


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