Puget Sound Beach cleanup, potluck, saltwater fly swap.


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I don't think you want that many possible people on any searun beach unless you do it at Purdy.
That's about normal though for there.

There is a park by some big bridges with lots of beach that folks can spread out on and isn't top secret.
Lots of beach to pick up litter on as well. That would be my vote if I'm able to attend that weekend.

TJ Fisher

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I'm in!

I would agree, if one of the primary focus' of this is beach clean up, the bigger more popular beaches will be better suited for this. Usually more room and more tourists = more trash.


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Ok yall, I am looking at 3/24 or 3/31 for this at Tacoma Narrows Park.

I will provide trash bags and nitrile gloves.

Once we land on a date and who can attend we can discuss food option!


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Just for an update for folks who are still interested. I will be at Dosewallips State Park this Saturday. More specifically I plan on handing out trash bags and gloves between 9:30 and 10 at the north tidal trail parking area (Just north of the bridge on the right.)

Even if you aren't fishing dosewallips pick up a bag for your trip. If you aren't able to stop by I encourage everyone to #plasticinthebasket! The beach will appreciate all the help!

Thanks again!

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