I need a new cot

Lesson #1- Cheap cots are just that, cheap.
Lesson #2- Little boys grow into teenagers. Teenagers are tough on cots.
Lesson #3- New cots aren't cheap.

Looking for a new cot that won't require a loan. Needs to be teen worthy. Thanks.

Jim Ficklin

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My Cousins & I NEVER wore-out or otherwise damaged old WWII surplus Army cots. And assembling one provided a good workout while providing an exercise in being both patient and persistent. As a matter of fact, I still have one after all these years . . .


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I've been using Camp time roll-a-cots since the mid 1990s when we were camping out for work all summer long 4 days per week. After I left that job we bought 2 roll-a-cots for personal use and we still have those 2 and they are still in great shape nearly 18 years latter. Lots of nights sleeping on them (standard blue roll-a-cot). A nice thing is that they are made in USA in Washington state. I have seen them occasionally on craigslist. They are usually cheapest to buy new here (not sure if they meet your price point requirement):

LOVE roll-a-cots. Could put two regular sized ones in the back of my short-box F-150. Roll-a-cot plus a thick REI inflatable mattresses you sleep like a princess minus the pea. Broke the plastic foot on one and the guys in Spokane replaced it in a few days.

Greg Armstrong

Teenagers don't need no stinkin' cots (espacially $140~ cots!!)!

I spent a whole summer sleeping on the ground. Just hike w/ 45lb pack 10 or 12 miles through steep mountains, dig a depression for the hips, roll your shirt up to make a pillow, then sleep.

Don't make this too complicated. It's E-Z!! Builds character too.

Jerry Daschofsky

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If you want to go inexpensive but super strong you can look at current issue military cots. I've found them as cheap as $20 and usually as high as $50. Heavy weight capacity. I toss a nice pad on it and sleep solid.



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Roll-a-cot, FTW. Been using them since my guiding days back in the 80s and have yet to find anything better. All in, they weigh 9 lbs and pack easily.
Happy Roll-a-Cot user for maybe 17 years in Grand Canyon, Westwater, Lodore, Hells, Cataract, Upper Snake a nd a few others. Plus extra guests when the house is full. No complaints. And if your grand kids pee in the bed they're washable, that is kids and cot are washable.

Roll a Table is good, not great, could be sturdier.


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That is the other nice thing about the blue roll-a-cot, they blue mesh is non-aborbant material. Pee, water, puke won't soak into it! If you are camping and it gets wet somehow, you just wipe it off with a towel. With a regular fabric cot, if it gets wet, then you're sleeping on a wet cot unless you have a pad to put on top.

Also the roll-a-cot is very fine mesh. If its hot, you can lay on the cot with no pad or sleeping bag and get a nice breeze/air flow all round your junk.

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